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Features of the LoRide Plates


Reducing the overall mass of your skates will help increase your response, recovery, and give you an overall better skating experience!


Our LoRide plates feature a sturdy design to keep your feet closer to the ground, and make you harder to knock over.

Low Profile

The lower profile gets you closer to the ground giving you more stable agility on your skates. Better agility is good for all aspects of skating from Derby to Rhythm.

Made For You

We have over 9 different plate sizes that are designed to be the accurate size for your individual shoe size.

Light as a feather…in terms of skate plates
Our plates are twice as light as leading competitors.
Adonis plates aren’t light-weight
when it comes to durability.
Adonis plates are made with 6061 T6, a Machined Aluminum often used for

aircraft construction due to its lightweight and durable characteristics.

These plates guarantee extended life, without the use of heavy materials.
How low can you go?
The lower to the ground, the better the handling so you can

master your skate style.

There is a LoRide for every skater.

The lower to the ground, the better the handling so you can master your skate style.



Why Adonis?

Adonis is a company that was created by skaters for skaters. By bringing you, the skater, cutting edge equipment that pushes boundaries in the world of skating. Skating is a sport that is enjoyed by millions, but the equipment has only gone through minor facelifts. This is why we have created the LoRide plate. There is a style that is growing in popularity, which is known as sliding. This style uses vintage plates that are very low to the ground with fiberglass wheels, giving the skater the ability to slide across the floor with out any effort. This was the inspiration of our LoRide plate series. Please look around our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


King Pin Installation

Here is a video on how to install your Adonis LoRide king pin. The LoRide is a simple yet very precise skate plate. Every part has to be installed correctly, for optimal performance.


Please Use This Chart to Choose The Right Size of Your Plate

LoRide Plate Size (mm)

  • Shoe Size 4 - Plate Size (mm) 140
  • Shoe Size 5 - Plate Size (mm) 152
  • Shoe Size 6 - Plate Size (mm) 158
  • Shoe Size 7 - Plate Size (mm) 164
  • Shoe Size 8 - Plate Size (mm) 170
  • Shoe Size 9 - Plate Size (mm) 176
  • Shoe Size 10 - Plate Size (mm) 182
  • Shoe Size 11 - Plate Size (mm) 188
  • Shoe Size 12 - Plate Size (mm) 194




The LoRide Plate Series are really low profile plates
Please use the information below to know the proper wheel size
for the LoRide plate of your choice.

LoRide Wheel Chart

The 35 (mm) largest wheel size that should be fitted on the
LoRide “1” plate.

The 50 (mm) is the largest wheel that should be fitted on the
LoRide “1.5” plate.

The 58 (mm) is the largest wheel that should be fitted on the
LoRide “1.7” plate.


Stay Lo with the “Adonis Mini” wheel The lowest wheel around

The Adonis Minis weighs only half the weight of a regular phenolic wheel that is the same size, due to the new technology of the mini bearing.

The wheel is only 30 (mm) in diam.

Adonis own mini ABEC 7 bearing, light weight and very durable.





I personally enjoy skating more often now just to actually find the limits of what I can do while finding different moves to compliment my roll.

Christian Bowers, Skater

I love the LoRide plates, it makes me feel like I am gliding on the skate floor, they’re neat looking & don’t cause me no trouble w/ my key pin being loose!

Blair Allen, Skater

I really love the reaction time of my LoRide plates. Being so low to the ground, I was worried that my wheels would hit my shoes but I have never had that happen yet and I still skate as hard as I like.

Jermel Wells, Skater/ Designer


1.Where can I purchase Adonis plates?

The Adonis LoRide plate can be purchased at one of the retailers below.

Skate Man Rick skate shop ‘Roller Skates of America’ Click here for website
Oaks Park rink in Portland Oregon Click here for website
Pattison’s west rink in Federal Way, Washington Click here for website
Skate Depot rink in LA Click here for website
Skate Fanatics shop in LA,  Click here for website
2.I get it, they're light. How light are we talking?

The average weight is 400 Grams. However, it depends what size plate you need.

3.How will low plates effect my skating?

The lower your feet are to the ground the more stable you will become. Your tipping point has become much lower meaning the control you have over your edges and slides increases. Your confidence level as a skater becomes greater because you feel more stable.

4.Do they come in my size?

Yes! Adonis plates come in nine sizes: 4-12 (mens shoe size)

5.How much do Adonis plates cost?

They retail at $160.

6.How do I order in bulk for my retail store?

You can order in bulk by contacting Freestyle Warehouse. http://www.seba-usa.com/contact.html

7.How can I get my plates customized?

You can have them customized at your local skate shop.

8.How do I know which height plate is best for me?

The appropriate plate height is decided based on the size wheels you will be skating on.Please click here for the LoRide Wheel Chart

9.Can I attach Adonis plates to any shoe I want?

With in reason, yes. Make sure to consult your local skate shop for more info.

10.What size wheels fit on the plates?

Please click here for the LoRide Wheel Chart


If you would like to know more about our LoRide plates, fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Using engineering philosophy and practices transferred over from race car design, the skaters behind ADONIS are now channeling a decade of experience in the high performance car industry to offer design technology to match modern times.


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